December 13, 2012

Locking Down Facebook

For those who use Facebook and care about their security and personal information, ensuring you​r account is locked down (and stays locked down in the face of the umberous changes Facebook makes over time) is of paramount importance. Kaspersky (via ThreatPost) put together a handy video detailing the step by step needed to adjust the Facebook settings appropriately for the most secure account you can have.

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  1. Thanks for sharing above article and facts. After search on internet we came across that there are thousands of websites on internet claiming, we would say misleading people rather that they will teach how to hack someone’s FaceBook account. Either they will ask you to download some software/tool kit/App/or program, few of them also try to trap you by saying its all free and you don’t need to pay even a single bug for anything. I read this in some other site and thought to search about this topic in detail.
    Don’t trust them and make sure you won’t take further step Before checking the credibility of such websites because doing this could be fatal.