October 20, 2015

Everyman Phase Two: Day 1

And so, it begins.  Having successful completed Phase 1 and integrated the naps into my daily regimen for a period of two weeks, I have decided to move ahead with Phase 2.  My sleep schedule now looks like this:

  • Core Nap: 10pm-5am
  • 1st Nap:    6am-6:20am
  • 2nd Nap:   11:20am-11:40am
  • 3rd Nap:    5:40pm-6pm

While I would have ideally liked to have perfect spacing between naps, the above schedule represents the best fit with my work schedule, and should scale nicely once I move into Phase 3.

So far, today was great!  I had a surprisingly easy time waking up today, although that was likely because of the anticipation of starting Phase 2.  As sometimes happens, (and the main reason I started this Everyman project), I had difficulty sleeping last night, and probably didn't get to bed until midnight.  Even so, I woke up quickly and got ready for the day.  It was interesting having extra time to get ready for work and record my vitals, although the hour flew by quickly and it was quickly time for my 1st nap.  I suspect I will be able to better appreciate it next week once I have 2 hours of extra time.

As for any noticed effects, I felt fairly alert during the morning.  Not filled with energy, but not wishing I could doze off either. I slept better during the 2nd nap, though as I've experienced before, there's a distinct feeling of being in two places at once, as I don't yet fully enter REM sleep.  Dreaming thus far has been very light; I would best describe it as a state of altered, but nonetheless restorative, consciousness.

By the time I was heading home from work, I could feel myself getting drowsy.  I closed my eyes for a bit on the train ride home, but didn't fall asleep.  My third nap was well-appreciated, and afterwards, I felt considerably better, despite not feeling like I had a heavy sleep.  So far, this appears to be sustainable, but time will time.  At this point, though, I am hopeful!

I've posted my adaptation vitals here, and will be updating them as I go along.

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