November 18, 2015

Everyday Phase Three: Day 4

Current Schedule: Core Sleep: 10pm-1am  Naps: 6:00-6:20am, 11:20-11:40am, 5:40-6pm.

This morning was pretty similar to yesterday's - rough.  After being up for about an hour, I was hit with some pretty strong waves of tiredness.  I remember reading somewhere that some choose to take an extra nap to help with the adaptation process.  I decided to take a short nap (5 or 10 minutes), and woke up on time.  However, my body latched onto that brief source of sleep and drew me back for more, resulting in my napping on-and-off for the next three hours or so.

Some things I learned: 1) Stand up! Move around, do exercise, anything to keep you moving. The more you do, the more awake you'll feel; conversely, the less you move, the more tired and sleepy you'll feel. 2) "Emergency Naps", like this one (as defined by an extra nap not normally part of your schedule), should be used exceedingly sparingly, or when faced with an unavoidable schedule conflict.  If you do use it, however, take a full 20 minute nap if you have the time, and afterwards, get up and do something!

Otherwise, the day went pretty well otherwise.  I really don't like setbacks like these, as I know it's not helping my adaptation any, but I still consider it progress, even if it's less progress than I would like.  Updated vitals here.

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