December 2, 2015

Everyman Phase Three: Day 18

Current Schedule: Core Sleep: 10pm-1am  Naps: 6:00-6:20am, 11:20-11:40am, 5:40-6pm.

Another day of tiredness in the morning, but I found that it seemed to resolve slightly earlier than the day before.  For example, I've noticed it usually takes at least until past 6am to be completely past the risk of being hit severely with waves of tiredness. While I still might be tired occasionally, it's not that soul-sucking, beat-you-over-the-head kind of tiredness I can feel in the early morning.  Today, I noticed feeling more alert and out of the woods around 5am (my apologies if I'm not being clear - it's kinda hard to explain).  In short, it seems this last phase of adaptation is slowly working itself back each day, until presumably as soon as I get up at 1am, I feel rested and with complete wakefulness.

Otherwise, the day went pretty well.  I recently started using some silicone earplugs during my second nap, and they are working fantastically!  In fact, they're working a little too well - I ended up sleeping past my alarm, though that's partially my fault for not setting the alarm volume higher.  Still, I'm sold on using silicone earplugs (the ones that feel like putty) for a sound blocker that doesn't put too much pressure against your ear when you lay down on a pillow.

Otherwise, a fairly good day.  I drifted in and out on the train - not sure if that will affect my sleep schedule, since it was so brief, but I figured it's worth mentioning here.  I'll keep an eye on that.  Updated vitals here.

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