January 30, 2009

So it begins... again

Welcome to the second iteration of HTE. For those who know me, my blog at Blogiversity will not be updated any longer. For those who don't know me, the opening post from my previous blog would seem to best sum up what you can expect:

Hacking The Everyday is really exactly what it sounds like: I'll be posting about different events, techniques, or social paradoxes that all are an effort to change the way you think. Not to create a bunch of mindless blog readers, but active participants that can take what discussion is brought to the table to enrich their own lives and the lives around them. Hacking at its roots is simply finding unique ways to solve interesting or complex problems. Sometimes the problems are given to us, and sometimes we create our own problems without realizing it. Either way, this blog will attempt to expand your mind, to think out of the box past the linear realm of 1+1=2.

Let's see what we can discover.


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