May 22, 2009


This posting is a catalog all of the tools I've released publicly, as well as some other tools that may be of particular interest to readers. This post will be continually updated as new tools are added, and can be accessed at any time by clicking the "Tools" link on the upper-right hands portion of the site. Enjoy!


Custom Tools
(Created and released by Juno // Copyright 2009-2014 Juno)

ComboCreator: A utility written in Perl to easily create combolists from two seperate username and password lists. Specify your input, and CC will zip the files together, ready for use. If you're not familiar with combolists, you can find out more here.
ComboSplitter: Another utility written in Perl that is designed to quickly split apart combolists into two files, one for usernames and one for passwords. The names/location of the output files is configurable.
HybridMaker: A utility written to facilitate the creation of custom wordlists. Oftentimes, passwords used by members of an organization are often related to the name of the organization or some derivative thereof; therefore, making a custom wordlist related to the target is oftentimes much more efficient and effective than a truly random brute force method. To use this tool, specify a wordlist (ideally one that has the name of your subject included), and this tool will create a new wordlist complete with commonly used password variations. Full instructions included in the tool itself.
E107Bruter: This Perl-based brute forcer accepts accepts usernames, passwords, and proxy inputs. Utilizes WWW:Mechanize, so while it's not the quickest bruter, it handles form actions pretty well (uses Java to 'click' on buttons and handle cookie management). Originally written to brute force login pages of E107 CMS webpages, it can be easily modified to handle many other login pages - just edit lines 71 and 72 as appropriate. Instructions included in tool. Note, this is still beta code, and has a couple rough edges - if you have any ideas for improvement, just let me know.

Third Party Tools
(Tools from other authors/companies)

250 Most Commonly Used Passwords: This is just a wordlist that I have found to be pretty useful. It is compromised primarily of passwords that have been statistically proven to be the most popular. Note, that many passwords listed are downright vulgar, but statistics are statistics. Blame the users. (This wordlist is very handy with the two above utilities).
ActivePerl: Produced by ActiveState, ActivePerl is a Perl interpreter for the Perl programming language on Windows systems. Currently available for 32/64 bit versions of Windows, including Vista.

Please note, these tools are released for public use only for systems you own or have legal permission to use them on. Any and all liabilty is disclaimed; use at your own risk, though I'm not aware of anything on this page that has the capacity to cause any serious damage. Feel free to distrubute, just remember to give credit to whom credit is due. "As freely ye have recieved, freely give."

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