January 13, 2010

Backtrack 4 Final Released

In case you haven't heard, Backtrack 4 Final has been released by the folks over at backtrack-linux.org, the new site for all things Backtrack (remote-exploit.com has since moved on to other things). It's a pretty hefty download - no longer can you burn Backtrack onto a CD. As usual, expect some potential delays as everyone tries to get their own copy.

Download links:
Backtrack 4 Final .ISO image (Also available as a torrent)
Name: bt4-final.iso
Size: 1570 MB
MD5: af139d2a085978618dc53cabc67b9269

Backtrack 4 Final VMWare image (Also available as a torrent)
Name: bt4-final-vm.zip
Size: 2000 MB
MD5: 733b47fad1d56d31bc63c16b3706a11c

1 comment:

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