November 19, 2015

Everyman Phase Three: Day 5

Current Schedule: Core Sleep: 10pm-1am  Naps: 6:00-6:20am, 11:20-11:40am, 5:40-6pm.

This morning was much easier than yesterday.  While I still felt some latent tiredness along with an occasional yawn, I didn't feel nearly as out of it as I did before. The second nap of the day was a bit hard to fall asleep to for some reason, though I couldn't determine why. Overall, it seems that some progress is being made towards adapting to this final schedule, though there appears to be considerable distance to cover before I'd be comfortable calling myself adapted.  All in all, today was just a "regular" (ha!) day, nothing too noteworthy really.

In other news, I've updated the comments setting here to allow for anonymous commenting, albeit with a CAPTCHA verification (I had turned it off previously due to spam posting).  Let's see what happens this time.

Updated vitals here.

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