December 13, 2015

Everyman Phase Three, Day 29

Current Schedule: Core Sleep: 10pm-1am  Naps: 6:00-6:20am, 11:20-11:40am, 5:40-6pm.

Today went mostly according to plan - mostly.  That is to say, some of it didn't - specifically, I found it a little too cozy and warm in bed after the first nap, and so lingered in it for about an hour or so.  I was feeling a little tickle in the back of my throat (which sometimes can signal the beginning of a sore throat/cold), and so figured the extra sleep might be able to head it off, if it actually was something.  To be honest, though, a good portion was also just because I found the bed so warm and cozy at the time.

I felt pretty good the rest of the day, and the tickle in my throat eventually disappeared.  However, I did feel a little bad for not sticking to the schedule precisely.  Nontheless, I feel pretty good about my progress thus far.  I wonder if I might need to modify Everyman a little to work for me, perhaps through the addition of a nap or the elongation of the core, or if perhaps these deviances from the schedule will slowly subside with the passage of time. Either way, I feel fairly good about my prospects for continuing an Everyman (or at least Everyman-like) schedule long term.

Updated vitals here.

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